CYTOMAX Muscle Milk Protein - Chocolate (2.47 Pound Powder)

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Muscle Milk Protein - Chocolate (2.47 Pound Powder)

  • Form: Powder

  • Flavor: Chocolate

  • Serving Size: 2 SCOOPS

  • Number Of Servings: 15 Servings

  • Gender: Gender Neutral

  • Life Stage (Age): Adults

  • Allergens: Fish Free, Gluten Free, Milk Free, Shellfish Free

  • Specialty Diets: Gluten Free

Product Label

      • Building Athletes from the Inside Out™
      • Natures Ultimate Lean Muscle Protein
      • 32 g Lean Protein
      • Lactose Free
      • 20 Vitamins & Minerals
      • Pre & Post Workout
      • Manufactured Free of Banned Substances in a NSF GMP for Sport™ Registered Facility
      • Since we founded CytoSport™ in 1998, weve been dedicated to working with sports scientists, coaches and trainers to redefine protein enhanced products for active lifestyles and serious athletes - supporting performance when it matters.

Over the years, weve expanded to create a comprehensive line that encompasses the athletic experience from preparation, to hydration, to recovery. Our products are among the very few that are manufactured in a NSF International GMP for Sport™ Registered facility. Our facilities are also inspected a

Take Muscle Milk anytime you would take in a shake or gainer, but want a better tasting, more anabolic formula. Mix two scoops in 10-12 oz water. Want even more satisfaction? Mix with low-fat milk. Tastes like a real milk shake. Honest! Before & During Workouts: For a truly awesome weight workout, take Cytomax and Muscle Milk together during the workout. Flooding the body with growth nutrients, plus the patented acid buffers of Cytomax, gives new meaning to burning down the house. After workouts: The body is in a catabolic state. Muscle Milk helps reverse this muscle breakdown by tricking the body into muscle synthesis when you normally break down muscle. Prior to Bedtime: Sleep is actually a catabolic period. Remember, breakfast means to break your fast of the night. During any fast, you break down precious muscle tissue for energy. Muscle Milk will help you wake

  • Does not contain
    Trans Fatty Acids, ZERO LACTOSE