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Sage Nutrition is a family owned and operated Nutrition and Sports Supplement Store. We carry a variety of products with a focus on sports nutrition supplements and foods. We carry the top brands as well as the smaller scale company brands that you are looking for. Alchemy Labs, Magnum Pharmaceuticals, MHP and BSN just to name a few. We have also expanded our ALL NATURAL and VEGAN line of protein and are offering grab and go APEX MEALS, THIN SLIM FOODS & P28 BAGELS and FLAT BREADS!!!  

The SAGE NUTRITION TEAM currently consists of Robert and Melissa Wheeler as well as some guest appearances from our children Ty and Sage. We are a dedicated and hard-working team. Throughout our years together we have both faced struggles with our weight. We totally understand this is a PROCESS and a LIFESTYLE. 

Over the years our own weight loss success' have resulted in a combined total of almost 150#! We have vowed they will never be found again as maintaining weight loss is where we differ from other programs! Melissa has maintained a weight loss of 80+ pounds since giving birth to her two children in 2001/2002!  Bobby, more recently has lost and maintained an almost 60LB loss. We both have more fitness goals we are working to attain and work at it every single day. A few years ago we started running OCR's together as a team. We get better each year but always train for improvement in our upcoming race season. Being part of the OCR community has truly helped us to stay focused and goal oriented. We race against ourselves each year hoping to complete each course a little faster, a little stronger and a little easier. When you have something you are training for you tend to stay more focused and this has really helped give us More recently Melissa has competed in  STRONGMAN competitions, placing second in her first competiton and PR'ng her dead lift by 30LB in her seciond! Bobby has dabbled in long distance running completing his Trailfecta with F.I.T Challenge. SO while we are branching out to new things the common goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle remains the SAME! 

Weight loss should never be a DIET (man I hate that word it actually says DIE inside of it, no thank you!) and it should never be about a scale number. What it should focus on is the numbers of your blood pressure, your total cholesterol, resting heart rate, body fat percentage and oxygen intake. What we need to focus on is carving out a body that is healthy and able to carry us through life. Think strong legs and abs to carry us to our grand children's weddings and strong arms to hold those great grand babies! If you lose your focus on a pant size or a bikini style it can become disheartening. Focus on the real numbers. The numbers that build you a healthy LIFE! The rest falls into place on it's own. 

We understand that life can get busy and that time is hard to come by BUT we are confident that by sharing our knowledge and daily tricks with you that you too can reach your fitness and health goals. Whether you're looking to just get a little healthier, lower that blood pressure, lose that baby weight, the Freshman 15 or just want a lifestyle change, we are here to HELP you. We truly believe in this industry, we believe that your body is the biggest gift ever given to you. In a great big world of lots of things you cannot control you CAN control YOU!

Love this life, embrace it and live it to your fullest potential. Let us help, come by and say Hi! We would love to meet you!

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Home of THE DESTROYER!!!!!! The ONLY OCR to challenge your endurance as well as your speed. How many laps can YOU run??!!!

Our new location at 140 Central Ave is up and running!!! Come see us! 

 We still have all your favorites and have added some new amazing products as well, INCLUDING WINK low carb KETO friendly ICE CREAM and Fit Bites cheesecakes, as well as the full line of P28 breads and Thin SLim Foods!!! Hanks PB, Nutra Bio, Magnum and Alchemy Labs can all be found on our shelves!!!


See YOU soon!!!!