Sleep Aids

Need a little help falling asleep or sleeping peacefully. There is more than just melatonin to help you. BIOS3 has formulated XANIX This product is specially formulated by RI native JERRY WARD!

Primeval Labs Xanix: Sleep and Anxiety Aid

The fitness world preaches the key components to a fit body as a clean diet, a solid workout plan, and plenty of sleep. But what if you are one of the 48% of people who report at least occasional insomnia? Or just one of the many who are to stressed to sleep soundly? It’s hard to be a beast in the gym, or make healthy food choices when you are not getting enough rest.

Studies show that less than 7 hours of sleep a night will reduce and even undo the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet, cutting fat loss in half.  University of Chicago researchers found that insulin sensitivity dropped by more than 30% after 4 days of sleep deprivation.  Eventually this excess insulin ends up being stored as fat. 

This is where Xanix comes in.  Composed of 5 ingredients that come together to create a sense of calm in the body and aid in a good night’s rest for recovery.