Why is Jerry Ward leaving Primeval?

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So, this news broke a few days ago and I figured I'd announce it here for our followers as well. The face of Primeval, JERRY WARD, is leaving the company. Jerry is a native RI'er who we have known for years. We have always been very proud and happy to support the products and paths he endorses, even BEFORE SAGE NUTRITION LLC opened it's doors. Anyone who knows him or watches his youtube channel knows that Jerry is a solid dude, not only physically but as a person. Jerry tells it to you straight, even if it's a little hard to swallow. Primeval has been one of his main sponsors for quite some time. The company has been growing quite a bit the past few years, bringing new products and athletes with them and Jerry has been on board since the very beginning. He has helped with product development and has always been innovative within this industry. So after some thought he figured why am I not doing this for myself? Take a look at the video and hear what he has to say.



So it seems like we are about to be brought some innovative, different and much needed products to the sports nutrition/fitness industry. Products that aren't on the market yet but will benefit an array of people in all fitness levels. This will all be coming to fruition within the next few months so follow along here and check out his YOUTUBE channel for updates.

Jerry is so passionate about this industry so you can be sure to expect great things from Get It F*cking Done Labs or GIFD Labs for short. There has already been a giveaway for GIFD LABS and the IG information is listed below. You won't want to miss any of this so head over and follow him! 

We are proud of you Jerry and look forward to seeing the awesome products that come from GIFD LABS.


***Jerry Ward is also owner of BIOS3 and host of RAW TV on his YOUTUBE channel. Check out his channel, BIOS3TRAINING, for tips, tricks and basic information regarding fitness, lifting, diet and all things health related.

You can also follow GIFD Labs on IG @gifd_labs_official his Bios3 IG @jerrywardii and FB @Jerry Ward




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  • Thank you guys for all the support over the years. love you guys!

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