There are no short cuts in life! Ultra Runner hides in PORTA POTTY?!

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As I was scrolling through the world of FB, I came across an article about a man who spent time hiding out in PORTA POTTY'S in order to cut his courses and finish with faster times to win his ULTRA RUNS. Anyone who knows anyone who runs these types of races can feel the same pang of hurt in their heart over this as I do. I am not an ultra runner and more than likely will never be and that is ok with me. My heart immediately goes out to those who competed against this man in FULL capacity. To those who trained, ran with heart and integrity to not place higher because someone was trying to take a shortcut. There is no glory in deceit, there is no winning when you cheat. The worst part of this is stealing the light from the ones who truly worked and trained hard for these events. These events can take years to prepare for. Ultra Running isn't something you just wake up and do. You start small and eventually you sign up for that first half marathon, marathon then it is on to a 50 miler and a 100 miler etc... These people pour their heart and soul into their runs. I have watched quite a few people over the years  become these amazing runners. There are so many runners who I am in awe of and to know that at the races that were cheated someone who trained like my friends wasn't given their moment to shine because someone took the easy way out. It is so sad. In life we truly only have time, moments and experiences. Stealing those away is just so sad.

Let's take this moment to realize you are only as good as your word. You are only as fast as your feet and lungs will carry you. Much can be defined by your level of integrity. Nothing is worth having if you don't work to your full potential to gain it. Much like living a healthy life and maintaining a healthy weight. You can't get there if you cheat, the glory will be short lived and there will be no gains. If you want something get out there and fight for it the right way!

In the land of OCR we often hear stories of course cutting to gain minutes on run times. It can be a hard thing to prove and I feel like the industry will be moving in the direction to conquer this issue in the future.  I truly hope in the upcoming race season these stories are less and less. Let's keep OCR and Running in general sport's that are full of integrity, support, challenge and excitement!

To all my ULTRA RUNNING friends I am in awe of you and I hope none were affected by the false outcomes of these races! Let's hope a lesson was learned and this man goes on to train hard and redeem himself.

What are your thoughts on this? 

How would you feel if you came in second?

Have you ever been in this situation?

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