Readiness.....are you prepared?

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How many of us have all the good intentions on the world to stick to our healthy ways but let temptation get the best of us? I know a huge part of the problem is WORK. At work it is easy to be persuaded by those around you. The office is getting lunch from the local pizza place so you order a salad, you are trying to be good. On that salad is Deli meats, cheese and a full fat dressing...well that salad might pack less carbs but more fat than a meatball sub and MUCH less protein. So while we try to be good we self sabotage because we aren't "ready".  Taking one day a week to prepare your meals will save you countless dollars AND calories!  One of the BEST investments you can make is by purchasing a MEAL PREP SYSTEM! You might think it is a big investment and it is but it also isn't. My iso bag has been by my side for 3+ years and she is still stronger than ever! I use it 6X a week, the plastic is durable, the ice packs LAST, I have no rips or tears AT ALL and I am not exactly graceful with her...haha! Your health is the single most important thing for you to invest in. Don't cave to the PEER PRESSURE of the work environment. Take care of yourself, pack your meals, block out the noise and listen to your goals. You will get there with discipline and consistency! One day a week is all you need to prepare your meals for the upcoming work week. Freeze your meals so they stay fresh! Have questions? Want tips? Just ask!!!

Here is my beauty! Meet Merida my Meal Prep System Bag by ISOBAG. We are BFF's and go EVERYWHERE together! Yea I named her, no biggie! :) Not a stuck zipper, tear or funky odor anywhere NEAR her! LOVE this tool in my healthy living lifestyle! Being prepared is SO incredibly important! Remember LONG before we owned this store/web site, we just lived this life! Ready to get yours?? We already have great prices but save 10% by ordering now! Just search for our Iso Bag Collection using the previous link and 10% savings is applied at checkout!!!! Make this year YOUR YEAR!

Iso Bag


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