NFL PLAY OFFS ARE HERE!!! Healthy Game Day Grub!!!


The ever pressing issue of wanting to induldge in all the yummy typical game day food but NOT wanting to sacrifice all your hard work for a few buffalo wings! Try this recipe and I promise you will be satisfied and save your calories!

I have made both the lemon pepper and buffalo variety of this recipe and people actually love it! The kids ate it, the husband and friends approved and half of the time I'd have to guard my healthy foods because they are more in demand than the pizza! There is something about a freshly made and healthy snack that makes couch surfing during the play off's that much more enjoyable!

Worried about the beer or wine calories? Instead of a beer grab a BANG energy drink or make a spritzer with flavored soda water and a splash of cranberry. Garnish it with a lime or lemon wedge and nobody has to know!!!! Also be sure to check out FITVINE wines if you truly just want that one glass. This brand has LESS than half the calories of any other wine out there!

Quick and easy! Prep time=10 minutes Bake time=20 minutes

Lemon Pepper Dillio Crusted Cauliflower


1 Cauliflower head washed, chopped and separated into bite size "trees"
2 egg white/1yolk scrambled
1C Panko bread crumbs
1/2C plain Greek yogurt
1T mayonnaise
Cayenne pepper
Lemon juice
Hot sauce or ketchup for color

Pre-heat oven to 425

In a bowl, mix OH MY SPICE seasoning into your bread crumbs. Mix well. (I also like to add a touch of cayenne to the mix)

In separate bowl coat cauliflower with egg wash. I will usually get a bowl big enough and just toss it all around to evenly coat.

Remove cauliflower one piece at a time and thoroughly coat in bread crumb mixture. Once coated place onto lined cookie sheet. Be sure to spray cookie sheet with your choice non stick spray or use a paper towel to lightly coat with EVOO or coconut oil. You want only enough to prevent sticking! Repeat until all cauliflower is coated and placed on cookie sheet. Spray over the top of coated cauliflower with oil or non stick spray of choice and sprinkle a little extra oh my spice on the top. This will help it crisp up even more.

Bake at 425 for 10-18 minutes depending on how you like your veggies. I never turn mine but you can turn them over half way through. Make your dipping sauce while they bake!

For dipping sauce:
1/2c plain Greek yogurt
1T mayonnaise
1tsp lemon juice
Cayenne and oh my spice LEMON PEPPER DILLIO to taste
Dash of hot sauce or ketchup for color
Mix well and let chill for 20 minutes to combine all the flavors

ENJOY GAME DAY GUILT FREE!! Also try this with green beans or broccoli, even sweet potato!

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