I've been thinking...

How many of us obsess over our physical health? How many obsess over our physical appearance? Have you taken the time to reflect on your mental health and the health of your family life? 

Take time each day and dedicate it to you, yes, but take time each day and dedicate it to your family and spouse as well. If you're feeling stressed it is ok to ask for help. If you need a break it is ok to take one! Our mental state can have a direct affect on our physical bodies and our relationships.

If you find things are argumentative with your kids or spouse. Try a little meditation each day. Sometimes we aren't seeing or hearing things clearly because we are so pre-occupied with our own thoughts and worries. Let them go! Breathe them out!

Try a 5 minute meditation or prayer every day for a week. Just sit, close your eyes and breathe. Let your body just relax. It will rejuvenate you and give you that extra push to happily go through your day with your chin up and your smile on! Give it a week and see if you feel a difference.

Life is about balance! Mind. Body. Soul

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