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Happy THIRSTY THURSDAY! everyone!!! What's in your glass, cup or shaker bottle today? Is it an energy drink, coffee, soda or WATER??? Do you think you drink enough water??? Do you know why you should drink more water??? Here is a list of a few good reasons to DRINK MORE WATER!!!

It's easy, it's free, it's conviently flowing from any faucet around you! It's the one and only,



  1. Water flushes out toxins!!!!! By flushing out toxins you will have clearer skin and maintain a stronger immune system! This all leads to overall HEALTHIER BODY'S!!!
  2. Water helps you maintain elasticity in your skin resulting in LESS WRINKLES!
  3. Drinking water promotes healthy kidney function. Our kidneys keep us balanced by flitering out toxins from our bodies. One of the most common infections in the USA are UTI's. While they are easily treated they CAN and sometimes spread to your kidneys if they go unrecognized. This can cause permenant kidney damage if not treated. What's one of the easiest ways to avoid a UTI?? You got it! Drink water regulary!
  4. Keeping hydrated promotes better digestion and also helps to keep you regular. Keeping regular means less back up in the intestines, which also means less bloating, which in turn = flatter tummy's! Who doesn't want that?!
  5. Water helps keep you feeling full! This means you are less likely to reach for those late night or mid afternoon snacks! Water has ZERO calories and will help you cut down your daily caloric intake resulting in weightloss!
  6. A well hydrated body is much less likely to HOLD water. If you suffer from fluid retention/bloating maybe upping your water intake might be just what you need! Give it a try before resizing those rings!
  7. Less muscle cramping and fatigue is reported in those who hydrate properly. This is because our kidneys are able to function at 100% and keep those muscles fueld with the proper balance of electrolytes, salt and potassium!
  8. You will ALWAYS be ready to donate blood! Keeping hydrated is important when you donate blood and donating blood is SO important!!!! Get out there and share those blood cells after you have a good chug of some crisp and cold water!
  9. LESS HEADACHES!!! We can all use less of those right? Keeping proper hydration will result in fewer headaches! Also chugging water when you have a headache can help it go away quicker!
  10. Water can also boost your energy!! Staying hydrated helps your heart to pump blood more effectively. This will in turn transport oxygen to your cells and help you to feel more energetic throughout your day!
  11. Lower blood pressure!!! It's not all about oatmel and cheerios people! Blood is 90% WATER. When you don't have enough water in your body your blood can thicken and that can increase your blood pressure!
  12. Keeping hydrated helps to keep your airways open, this can help people with asthma and allergies to breathe easier! As an asthmatic I have experienced the positive effects of water for my lungs and make sure to maintain my intake daily!
  13. Cartilage in your joints are about 80% WATER. Keeping hydrated can mean less clicking and popping in those joints and can also help to reduce joint pain.
  14. Drinking water throughout your day and especially at meals can help loosen any food that may be stuck between teeth and help flush it out resulting in better dental health and breath! Of course it is NOT a substitute for FLOSSING!!!!! We all hate flossing but really it only takes a few minutes! Even less time for water drinkers! Water can cleanse (rinse) the teeth from sugars or acids that get left sitting on the surface after certain beverages and foods. Leaving these substances sitting on your teeth only promotes tooth decay. Rinse that off with a cool bottle of water if you don't have access to brush! Dental health and overall health have been studied and DIRECTLY LINKED Take care of your choppers by taking care of your body and Vice Versa!
  15. People who drink water regularly are typically happier! Why? Because their bodies are functioning at their best!

If these aren't enough good reasons for you to give it a try, I don't know what is?! Every day I try to get as close to a gallon as possible. On the days that I don't I defeinitley feel the difference in my body. My fingers will swell and I will get a headache by the end of the day. My Tia always used to tell me as a child "Drink your water I can hear your kidneys asking for it"! She was right!

So today I challenge you to STOP DROP AND CHUG!!! Try to get that water intake up and see how you feel. Try it for a day and then commit to a week! Before you know it you will have developed a taste for water and it will become easy to maintain your levels of  water intake!



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