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A few years ago as I was working our very first booth as SAGE NUTRITION at the April F.I.T Challenge. I was introduced to this young lady named Taylor by Ma (Myrna) Velez. Ma seems to be a common denominator  in many of my OCR/FITNESS friendships/partnerships.  We chatted, took a picture together and went about the rest of our day. Taylor was very nice, inquisitive, supportive and a great competitor! Fast forward to a few more events running into one another, FB messages and visits to the shop for classes and supplies and I can honestly say I had no idea WHO I had met that day. I didn't realize then how much was inside this young lady. Taylor is truly a force to be reckoned with. Behind that sweet smile and soft spoken voice is a FIERCE competitor who does not quit. She takes on endurance events with a great attitude and a determination so strong that she is always in the front of the pack.

taylor verville infniitus 250 miler


This one particular event she told me about was a 250 miler....250 MILES people!!! That is NOT a typo! TWO HUNDRED FIFTY MILES, on her feet, over the course of days with minimal sleep.....THIS was her next event. I was blown away! This was the next thing she wanted to see if she could do, this is what this story is about. A little while after the event had passed and she had some time to tend to the damage control that is often needed after these endurance events I asked Taylor to write out her experience so we could share it here.

This is her story, unedited and in her own words! Take the time to read it, she is amazing, motivational, funny, smart and incredible!!!!

Here is a quick look at what one might need for SUCH an incredible journey!

 infinitus 250 miler taylor verville



~*~ Trying to gather my thoughts after my biggest event to date...
The journey started last year after INFINITUS 2017, 100 miler, and crew and then it blossomed into INFINITUS 2018, 250 miler, this past week:

infintus 250 miler

Tues 8:08 am to Sun 2:30-ish am (cutoff at 8:08 am)

First off I could not have done this event never mind finish it without the love and support I've been given everywhere from family, to race family, to gym family and new and old friends as family, the 2 amazing RDs Andy Weinberg and Will Bradley. Mother Nature, and my buddy Muna 🐕

So Tuesday morning at 8:08 am I began the physical, mental and emotional journey I'll never forget...or at least the parts I do remember, I'll explain. The race utilizes a 7mi loop and 20 mi loop ♾ of which the 250 miler needs to cover 9 full ♾ rotations plus another 7 mi loop.

 Day 1: 61 miles (7, 20, 7, 20, & the extra 7) to start Day 2 on the 10 mi loop (mental game plan) with J.T. Hardy and Prem. The plan was, in miles per day: 61, 54, 54, 54, and 27...

J.T. and I started an animal discovery list to pass the time (dead or alive made it), which we constantly updated to recount towards the end of the race. We saw frogs, bright orange salamanders (warning: don't touch them because the oils on our hands will burn them), a snake eww, tons of chipmunks 🐿 (it was like they were VT's squirrels), 1 or 2 squirrels (red?), a family of yellow butterflies (reminded me of my late pups, my M&M's, Monte & Muna). I saw a porcupine in the evening! It was off to the side of the trail but didn't know if/how far their needles would shoot so I creeped up and "sprinted" (maybe day 3) by...There was an owl, which, at first I thought was a hawk from its wings, that landed on a tree ahead of me, hooted and flew away, one morning at 7:00 am! I thought these guys were nocturnal?! I guess they were just as confused as some of us racers LOL. Later, Chris informed me that you can tell it's an owl because they fly/soar silent. Well, there was one bird not so silent (featured later in this write up) in the field, trying to dive bomb me 2-3 times, squawking. Thought I got away but it came into part of the piney woodsie area, briefly--I still don't know the type of bird it was, but it was bluish grey, I believe, with a definitive tail: 2 white stripes across the bottom...At the beginning of one 20 mile loop, Vicky pointed out a big turtle (snapper?), super cool after J.T. Thought every rock that was round and wet were turtles LMAO. The two animals I did not have the pleasure of sighting, of whom the 1st female 888k winner/finisher, spotted were a lynx and a bear. But she did teach J.T. and I a bear-warning call that I used! Whoo hoo, Whoo hoo!!! I was a little worried because the heat had started to get to me and I had a good 3 bloody noses in 2 days...I didn't know if any land animals were like sharks and could sense the smell in like a 50mi radius...guess not.
Animal list
1. Bright orange salamanders 
2. Yellow butterfly family (road friends)
3. Frog--big--Chris spotted him staring at us during our nighttime 7mi loop adventure on the muddy path
4. Big turtle (beginning of a 20mi loop, mid-trail)
5. Chipmunk everywhere
6. 1 or 2 squirrels 
7. Snake (slithering in the back left of a trail)
8. Owl (7:00 am)
9. Evil Bird (from the field)
10. Porcupine 
11. Small orange frog??
12. Dead field mouse
13. Dogs @ base camp
To be added to animal list #14 Gopher a.k.a. woodchuck because Chris looked it up and they are one in the same.

Day 2: (54 miles = 115mi): woke up 1 hr late, slept through my alarm, but feeling refreshed and surprisingly good and I hit the trails. I was so tired but still wanting to end on the 7 as planned, found my buddy Christopher King and we made our wobbling (left ITB started using a stick/poles) way through the trails...some quick cleanup and foot care topped off with Epsom salt lotion...about 2 hrs sleep and on to...
Day 3: (54 miles = 169 mi) onward with poles, oh well angry stripper pose, hello waddle that Mt climb
Day 4: plan 54 mi to allow 27 day 5...things get a lil crazy... Sarah Van Dyk Barnes came for round 2 after a couple hours nap in a chair!!!???
Day 5: 20 mile loop got loopy and the team came together for the 7...more details to come bc confusion lol

It's hard to believe just a week ago I was working to finish up my biggest event/challenge to date! Battling every sort of struggle and fatigue imaginable. Mental, emotional, and physical fatigue but thanks to family new and old we conquered the feat!
Those of you who know me, and I love how loved you guys make me feel, you may or may not know my internal struggles that I constantly battle and have fought since 5th grade (OCD sensitive to depression), freshman year of college (anorexia and body dismorphia), racing in my head and becomes highly overwhelming when tired.
Well, recapping my last marathon of the 250 miler at INFINITUS is only possible because of family (biological and the family I choose).
I'll start where my delirium left me...after the second and last aid station on the 20 mile loop, around mile 12.5 or so, I was feeling pretty good, dad had just walked about a mile or so to meet me, and after my mom and dad saw me off I hit the remainder of the trail, bumping in Amy on her journey, after that things get a little hairy...I think I went full avatar, OCD kicking in with seeing pink ribbons and thinking I cut one short and walking back and forth to make up for it, then completely getting out of it wandering the trails feeling like I was in one of those 3rd person video games where all you see are your hands (and trekking poles) and what's in front of you, trails, pink ribbons, orange signs/arrows...until I stumbled upon that faithful meeting point between the 20 and 7 loops and somehow made it about a mile from base and sat in "a ditch" (mud and log) hoping and visualizing friends and family coming to help. And the funny thing was every racer who past stopped to check on me, one couple told me afterwards that they were so motivated to get back to base to get me help that they flew 12 min mile (fast on these trails). I tried straining myself to get up only to move a step or so toward the log, and the Kim R, Bill Root and Karen Root came to the rescue and would not let me quit, knowing I was so close to victory and about a mile from base (I paused my Garmin lol). Bill steadied my poles, one in my foot lmao, and they got me upright and slowly walking arm in arm. Then I saw my dad running in front of me and Sarah running behind me to my rescue so my friends could carry on. And then my new family member J.T. Hardy came (already cleaned up and finished with his race) to help walk me to base. Once we were in the barn and checked in, the plan was a 2hr rest/nap after Hannah (my ES race mother/rational brain) took control, made me eat energy and hydrate and Vicky and Ben worked on my feet while Lance massaged my left leg...after trying to lay down in the back room RD Andy offered, in pai, it was time to head out....but I wasn't alone, my new bro JT and hiker buddy Gary made the last 7 mile loop with me. Hannah drove to each meeting spot along the way in case I needed something or had to strip a layer or two off to stop from over heating. They never complained once, even bro who was now conquering 257 miles. They just came along for a friendly hike with candy, laughter, and stories... I BEAST-ed up the inclines on my battered feet in narrowed shoes because my feet swelled too big to fit back into mine, and the bum left ITB/knee (still icing now) with my trusty trekking poles and 2 crew gentlemen. The declines and semi flats were the hard part, but whenever I became unsteady or too quiet these guys jostled me back to life (every 30 min or so JT would send a beacon signal so mom, dad, Hannah, and base would know that we were ok and progressing swiftly 😉 ) and somehow we made it back in mostly one piece but as more than a team, a family I'm so very grateful to have and can never repay but will do my best to honor all of you. Mom, you were crazy hollering and waking up the campers but I love you! Dad I'm sorry for making you worry. Sarah I loved our nocturnal laps with the owls, way better than that crazy bird in the field trying to dive bomb me 2 or 3 times. It felt like I was in that bad story The birds your forced to read in HS. Andy and Will thank you beyond everything for this opportunity to push past my imaginary limits. Leslie, thank you for my card, being My ROCK, and giving me some words of wisdom. I took it to read at the race and read it few times for inspiration and extra motivation. Beggs THANK YOU for food prep and having the strong belief in me, even when I had doubts in myself; and for checking on me. A huge thanks to Hannah for taking necessary charge on my RYOR (Run Your Own Race) Journey!!!--xoxo

P.S. hoping work-wise and financially to be able to run the INFINITUS 2019 Deca challenge...if not maybe the marathon so I get to run both loops (if it's a similar setup) and volunteer a bit...til next time "happy trails" (anonymous)
After getting to know Taylor and seeing everything she has gone through to get where she is, I mean I had respect for her before and just even more so now. This woman sets her sights on something that just might be impossible and yet still makes it happen! If you noticed she is the ONLY woman listed as a finisher for this race! AMAZING!
If this story has inspired you use discount code TAYLOR10 to save 10% on your next purchase!!! Show Taylor some love and spread her story far and wide. She is amazing, we love her and we know you do too!!
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