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Pre-workout problems!!! Do we go for the long term or the short burst of energy? How about that natural testosterone boost? Is that safe for women? Really?? WHY AM I TINGLING??

Hey there! So the pre-workout world has  A TON to choose from. How do you pick the one that is right for you? You need to first determine your goals. What are you looking to get out of this product? What is your average workout like? How long do you work out? Are you sensitive to Caffeine?

Pre-Workouts come in a variety of flavors and from a variety of companies. They come stimulant free, with stimulants, with testosterone boosters and without. Some of my personal favorites are the PMP NON-STIM and the Nitraflex. Yes I know that seems very  opposite but hey, that's what I like!

Nitraflex gives me a quick burst of energy that throws me directly into my workout full speed ahead! The added benefit of the natural testosterone and nitric oxide booster is going to get you one more rep, to push a little harder and heavier to go a little faster. It will help to bring you a more INTENSE workout. It will NOT make you grow a mustache ladies! I am living proof of that! I don't look like a body builder nor do I have a beard! We, as women, already have testosterone in our bodies, this just boosts your natural levels to give you a little more pump and push throughout your workout!

PMP non-stim is creatine free and gives me the focus and endurance I need to push through an extended workout. I don't get any big rush or burst of energy or that niacin tingle from this one. What I do get is a really good focus and endurance level. If you're looking to set a new goal on stair climbing or miles logged, this is what you want. It keeps you going longer. PMP stimulant version gives you that same focus and endurance with that energy burst. PMP seems to be not AS strong and that is because there is no booster in this one.

Why do they make 2 versions? Not everyone wants that energy or they want to purchase their Beta-Alanine separate and add it themselves. (we offer that as well).

WHY AM I TINGLING/ITCHY??!!! It's just a normal side effect of the stimulants inside many pre-workouts. :) No need to panic!

I switch my supplements up and encourage others to do the same. It is easy to level off or become too used to the same product over extended periods of time. Some people think that it "isn't working anymore". That is not the case you have simply become accustomed to the way it makes you feel. 

So don't be afraid to try new things, switch it up and keep that fight in you! After all if you don't #fightforit who will?!  Everyday is a chance to be better than yesterday! What does tomorrow hold in store for you?!



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