Fun Tip Friday!

Posted by Melissa Wheeler on

Yesterday we discussed drinking water and why it is important. Let's go over some tips on HOW to get that water intake UP!

  1. Use a fun water bottle that is JUST big enough. Most "SHAKER" Bottles are 20-25oz. I find this to be perfect! I fill mine before the gym, after the gym, at lunch, around 4 and then at dinner...DONE! 120oz IN and easy! SOme people prefer to carry the gallon around, I find that to be intimidating but it does work for some!Stop in SAGE NUTRITION and check out our Hero, Star Wars and WRESTLER Shaker Bottles!
  2. Eat foods that HAVE water in them. Fresh fruits and veggies!!!!
  3. Use a timer to remind yourself to sip. Set it to buzz every 10-15 minutes or so. It's easy to get caught up and forget to sip!
  4. Some find it easier to use a straw. Give it a shot!
  5. Add fresh fruits to your water. Be sure NOT to overkill it with lemon. Lemon is GREAT but it is also acidic and can do a number on your teeth if you overdo it!

What "counts" as water??? WATER whether you make a protein shake out of it, drink a coffee (black) or add a non calorie sweetner or fruit to it. It's ALL water!!!!! The time has come to ditch the soda and the sugary soft drinks!

STOP DROP AND CHUG PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Make a promise to yourself and watch your success fly!!!! You got this and we got you!



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