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Awhile back I was getting ready for surgery and wanted to do SOMETHING to help give back to other local businesses in this fitness industry. So I started a #FINDYOURFITNESS what I was doing was finding local fitness places and going in to take their classes. I would bring my son along, from Ty Images, and he would video the experience so I could share it on social media and give an honest review of the facility. This was a great way to help people understand what they had within their local reach to get out and off the couch to go and find something that fit their lifestyle or likes and so I started using the #FINDYOURFITNESS for this little campaign!

Once I recovered from surgery we wanted to find a way to do MORE with this little brainstorm idea. So we decided to host free classes at  SAGE NUTRITION for people to come in free of charge and get a taste of what these local instructors had to offer. With each class offered we do our best to also bring in one of our vendor reps so that clients can sample product and gain more knowledge about them as well as get in a great workout. So far with every class we have been able to offer sales on items being sampled and offer special orders as well! :)

Take a look at our first class hosted by Elite Boxing and FItness. Our attendance was great, everyone learned a little something new and got a good workout in. We were also able to meet Brian Marino who recently won his return to MMA match a few weeks after teaching this class alongside Tracey. Both Tracey and Brian were very helpful and patient, as well as personable throughout the entire class. They were also kind enough to hand out free passes to the gym so people in attendance could go and check out Elite Boxing and Fitness  for themselves!  In addition to this great class we also had Sam from MHP here for a live DEMO. Sam is one of our favorite reps to work with. Her customer service is amazing and she is always happy to interact with clients/customers and even the crazy store owners! Sam is incredibly knowledgeable in this field as she is also a bikini/bodybuilding competitor. Sam takes pride in her work and truly loves her job! Ty Images did a great job capturing the class on film so we can all look back at it!

For our second class we were lucky enough to book Elisa from Bodies In Motion! Elisa got us all moving and shaking with a GREAT Cardio Sculpt Dance Workout! It was a ton of fun and everyone had a great time! We received so many messages from people who attended as to how grateful they were for the class and how sore they were after!!! Check out the video made by Ty Images here!!! Dan From Muscletech joined us for this event and customers were able to sample BCAA's, pre workout as well as protein AND we aslso had a BOGO 1/2 off sale for everyone to take advantage of! We really love making every second of your time here WELL worth it! :)

To kick off February Alissa Nadeau from 80/20 Lifestyle Fitness  came by to show us all how to get a good workout in EVEN if we had very little to work with! Alissa demonstrated a FULL BODY workout with nothing more than a yoga mat, hand towel and paper towels! It was pretty awesome to see exactly how you can still get things done if you are short on time or without access to a gym. Alissa prides herself on living healthy and is also behind the scenes of her husbands restaurant Lemon and Oil Deli! Ty Images is still putting this video together and we will be bringing it to you soon! For this event JC was with us from Optimum Nutrition/BSN with samples and we ran a special on the line for the day including special orders!

This #FINDYOURFITNESS campaign has gone so well and helped us to reach a lot of people who are just looking for that one thing that gets them motivated, off the couch and onto a path of healthier living! We are not stopping anytime soon! The whole drive behind SAGE NUTRITION is our passion to help people understand Nutrition and physical fitness in a non intimidating environment. We have been living this lifestyle for quite awhile now and KNOW what it takes to be successful in it. We too have to balance marriage, family, kids, work schedules, workouts and holidays and we LOVE giving others tips and tricks along the way. SAGE NUTRITION was born from our mutual passion and drive to keep going on our own fitness quest and help others with theirs, it truly is a LIFESTYLE!

Come by and see us, take a class or check us out @Sage Nutrition LLC FBIG @SageNutritionLLC  or you can shop at www.sagenutrition.net

Upcoming classes are listed below:

  • February 24th at 10:00 AM - LUISA BRAZILIAN STYE ZUMBA We ask that you bring a towel and a change of shoes if the weather is wet in order to keep the floors dry for class. Bring a friend and have a blast! We will also be having a sampling of our latest protein!


  • March 7th at 6:00 PM - Tammi will be bringing us a VINYASA style yoga class. The class will run just over an hour. We ask that you bring either a yoga mat or a towel for the floor and if the weather is wet a change of shoes or just cozy socks so we can keep the floors dry! Bring a friend and get your yoga on!!! Tammi is a part time instructor at Breathing Time Yoga in Pawtucket and a full time Mom! Tammi has  alove for Yoga and is expanding her knowledge this year with certifications and taking many classes herself. Tammi is a TRUE YOGI!!!!! Don't miss this great class!


  • March 14th - Alissa will be back to give us some of her YOGA techniques. This class is scheduled a little later and will start at 7:00 PM We hope this gives you all ample time to take advantage of this great opportunity! Bring a change of shoes if the weather is wet and either a yoga mat or a towel for the floor. You will leave here relaxed, stretched and ready to rest peacefully a long!ll night

We will be updating with class info regularly so check back often and no matter what it is or how you find it remember get out there and #FINDYOURFITNESS Check out more videos from Ty Images on our facebook page and see what we are all about!




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