Coming down the home stretch...

We are coming down the home stretch of 2016 and jumping into 2017 with a lot of things going on in the world and nation, including a new President! So much has happened in the country this past year both good, bad and in between!

What do you find yourself reflecting on? What is your best memory of the year? Take time and write it down! Maybe start a memory jar this year so next year you can reflect back. Each time something meaningful happens, or you reach a goal write it down with the date and pop it into a bar of some sort. I would use an old 2# protein jug and they also make great change jars! You can also use a vase, coffee can (do people still use coffee in a can?) anything at all with a cover. At the end of 2017 pull them out and remember over a relaxing cup of coffee or glass of wine, whatever your flavor!

My greatest memory of 2016 will be building this business! The sweaty summer days of painting and cleaning and installing the shelving. My husband and I did mostly everything with the help of his father and just a few professionals. It was long and tiresome work but I am proud of what we have done! Proud of the opportunity we built and the fact that we made our DREAM become our REALITY! Helping people to be healthy is one of the most rewarding things you can do! It really makes me feel so good to listen to people's success storeis or to see their pictures!

So 2016 you were pretty rockin! We laughed, we cried, we worked hard and we vacationed harder! 2016 was the beginning of our tomorrow, the beginning of our future, 2017 can only get better!!! I'm ready for it! Are you? What are your goals for YOU in this new year? 

Mine are:

1. Continue to build this business

2. Get some certifications under my belt

3. Reach my absolute goal weight/body fat %


5. SPARTAN UP and get my races done once again!



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